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Studies in 2013 “estimated that 20 billion pairs of shoes are produced annually, and unfortunately, roughly 30 million pairs are thrown away each year.” Shoes, made from a combination of vinyl, leather, plastic and a host of other materials, take anywhere from 25-40 years to decompose in a landfill. This length of time paired with the estimated 300 million pairs of shoes discarded each year means that landfills are inundated with shoes. We have found the solution!

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Sole Man and Friends Eco Adventure is a fun and educational book... 

  • Sole Man

    Sole Man is a humble and slow-moving buddy who is always looking for a hug or a friend to hang out with in the sun. His fabrics are made of recycled materials as he wants you to enjoy how soft he is while also being aware of how special and beautiful our planet is. 

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  • Eco-smulch

    Introducing Eco-Smulch, the recycled sandal. It comes in 5 colors: black, chai, gray, pink, and teal.  By purchasing a pair of the Eco-Smulch sandals, know you're going to get a sustainable product that is a double-win.  By purchasing these sandals now you have found a way to recycle them back into shoes again and make that system happen. A sustainable product, great for the environment, and one that supports the local economy.

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